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Sliding Ball

Hypercasual Games are games for short-attention-spanned players. They are often called “gateway games” because they are easy to play, intuitive, and accessible to a wider audience than other genres. The goal of these games is to get the player to want more so that they will invest in the full game. The mechanics of hypercasual games tend to be very simple and familiar to anyone who has played casual video games before. They are often compared with social card games like poker or bridge where there is an element of luck and chance in every hand. Most hypercasual games focus on gameplay rather than graphics.

The slow-motion ball runs and pudgy fingers can be frustrating. Even worse are those pointless games that you end up playing just because it’s there. We all know that the number one cause of frustration is repetitiveness. That’s partly why we like hyper-casual games, where you have to complete a level within seconds of getting it. They are short, sweet, and fun! 

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