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Animal Crazy is a game where you need to help animals by giving them homes. You will have different types of animals to take care of. From Baby Animals to Adult Animals and Bigger Animals. There are many different ways you can take care of these animals and each one has its own challenges and rewards. -You can adapt to the little ones in your town. Sometimes they show up on your doorstep as stray animals, other times they may be available at animal shelters or pet stores. To find these new pets, check out local parks, fairs, shopping centers, and others places that might host adoptable pets today. You can also purchase some from pet stores. Others may ask for gifts from friends or family members who love taking care of pets.

Animal Escape is an interesting game. In this game, you will appear as a small animal, who was locked inside a cage. You have to escape from the cage by finding useful objects and solving puzzles. The simple graphics of the game will provide you with an interesting experience of playing it. In order to escape from the cage, find useful objects and solve puzzles, you need smart thinking and logical thinking. It's not that easy to unlock the caged animal in such a short time duration. 

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