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Planet Clicker 2

In this Clicker 2,game, you will help the space alien in his fight against the anti-climatic planet Earth. The game is played with a mouse. The game involves clicking on various things asteroids, plants, animals) and upgrading your spaceship accordingly. Your task: prevent Earth from getting wiped out by making as many clicks as possible in 20 minutes. Sounds easy? Well, it is - until you have to deal with numerous obstacles along the way (like pesky asteroids and overbearing space stations). How many clicks it takes? Simple: how fast can you click faster to make sure that earth doesn’t get annihilated? Use the up/down arrow keys to move the spaceship and the left/right arrow keys to click on various objects. Collecting bonus points fast is essential for survival; failure to do so will result in losing a life and being forced to start the whole thing over again from

The Space Clicker has come to an end. Well, sort of. In the last update we added a new game mode and some minor bug fixes. Let’s take a look at what’s changed: Space Clicker 2 – The final chapter! In the end, it was not possible to implement all features that our players had asked for. Especially the ones with a capital “C”. So, this update is the last stop on The Space Clicker saga. There will not be any more updates or code names for this series. This blog post will mark the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. For those who have been following us throughout these years, it's probably time to check out something

In this Clicker 2 game tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know to play and win at Clicker 2. Whether you’re a veteran or a first-time player, you will find something of value in this Clicker 2 game tutorial. You might learn something new, discover an old skill, or just have fun playing a simple but effective game. In this Clicker 2 lesson, we’ll cover the basics so that when you start playing the real thing, You’ll feel like a

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