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Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a game about management and economy in space. You play the leader of an alien race that has just discovered how to move stuff from planet to planet. Everything you discover, build and trade with other aliens will help you populate new planets with everything your people need: food, technology, and raw materials. Keep them happy, ply them with gifts and make sure they have everything they need to be happy and productive citizens. This one has no random element - every alien on each planet is there because you have decided to place them there. If they become unhappy or don’t produce enough goods for you, they’ll leave at the first opportunity. A good economy manager will always keep his people happy by providing goods that are useful but not essential; only then will they stay long enough to get married, raise kids, buy houses and start working for you. The more advanced their society is; the more resources it needs in order to produce new goods and services. Planets can contain several different alien races but each one of them starts on an individual economic base depending on how much access to resources it had at the time of colonization. Your goal is to make sure your people prosper by giving them access to everything they need while preventing them from over-consuming what little resources are left for others so that everyone ends up having enough but not too much of points.

This one is a strategy game about an alien race that has just discovered the earth. You take control of this alien race as it explores the planet and tries to discover why so many of them have died. The aliens can use their advanced technology to create a clone of any animal they find. Once they have cloned a creature, they will assign points to different stats such as strength, intelligence, defense, and attack. The aliens are not able to communicate with the animals they find, so they will have to train the clone using the points they’ve given it. Once it reaches a certain level, it will be able to act independently. This means you’ll have to take care of your new pet by feeding it; training it; giving it shelter; making sure that no wild animals destroy its home or kill its family members; and making sure its social circle grows with new friends and allies! You will also need to find ways for your clone to grow stronger so that other creatures do not overtake you.

So, you love games? Want to make some of your own? We’ve got the perfect game for you. In “ This game,” the player is in charge of a space station where aliens have been breeding and selling endangered species as pets. The player needs to care for these alien creatures and make sure they stay safe until they reach adulthood. To do so, the player needs to feed them and take care of their other needs. The game has an interesting mechanic that allows players to unlock new alien species by feeding other alien species in the game. This is done through the use of “scraps,” which are small pieces of food left over after feeding pets. These scraps can be traded with other players who also have rare alien species or used on in-game clickers that sell items that can be used to feed every alien species in the game. You also need to upgrade your space station regularly or risk losing alien species at anytime.

How to play Planet Clicker

• Use mouse to play 500 X 768 Mon Oct 21, 2019

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