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Pizza Clicker Tycoon

Pizzeria Clicker is a business action game where you run a pizzeria. Grow your business and become the top pizza operator in town! Improve your restaurant, hire good employees, and make the most delicious pizzas in the world. Make sure that your customers get what they want by upgrading your restaurant, hiring more staff members, or just adding some new toppings. You can also raise money by selling advertisements or ★☆Endless Sushi Night★☆ in town. Once you have developed enough prestige, you can open a second Pizzeria Clicker account which makes the game even more addictive! Do you have what it takes to run a successful pizzeria? Simulation, clicker gameplay with addicting gameplay and graphics Upgradeable restaurants: expand your empire by upgrading your restaurant – Hire more staff members or upgrade them yourself. Innovative concepts: try out different in-game upgrades to increase your efficiency Researchable secrets: explore every corner of your pizzeria to earn extra cash and expand Your e-mail address will never be displayed Automated emails: manage your emails and find out when new levels are available for free Try it yourself at Gameplay The goal of Pizzeria Clicker is simple – save money so that you can open a real restaurant and make sushi again. Keep in mind though, opening a real restaurant means investing a lot of time and money!

A game where you make pizzas. Or an idle clicker tycoon app? You decide! But the important part is that you’re making pizzas for real people, instead of algorithms or computers. After all, when your customers order from you, that’s when you make the best pizza. Gameplay is very simple: Get customers to place orders by clicking “pizza” buttons on web pages or in-app messages. The more, the merrier and the yummier! Increase your food supply by upgrading your ovens, delivery vehicles, and delivery people, as well as your toppings and sauces. Make sure to keep a good stock of fresh dough so you can offer unlimited orders every second.

Get ready to CRUSH it! The Pizza Clicker Tycoon game is here and it's loaded with awesome features that will keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Yelping fingers straight and start playing this game now.

How to play Pizza Clicker Tycoon

Using Mouse

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