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Monster Clicker

STACKED UP, KILLER CLICKER! Take on the most relentless stackers in the world with this addictive 2D clicker game. Each level gets harder and harder - but it’s still fun to play! Stacking up your opponents is as addictive as clicking their stuff down! Collect gems to increase your score. But watch out if you overdo it, you’ll lose points and have to start again from the beginning of the level… 2D BOYS CLICKER GAME – It doesn’t get more simple than this. No mazes, no hidden paths, just clicking buttons to kill monsters or destroy walls. But that’s not all: there are also power-ups that can help you out in different ways. Use them wisely to gain an unfair advantage over your friends and foes alike! KILL ALL MONSTERS, RACE FOR THE HIGHEST SCORE, AND COLLECT GEMS TO BECOME THE MOST POWERFUL CREATOR! Slay all the monsters in each level to win the game. The higher your score, the higher your ranking against other players worldwide. You can even share your high scores with friends via social media or post them on websites like Reddit or Imgur. 

It’s a simple game, really. Help the cute monster to collect as many stars as possible! Each level requires you to guide the monster through mazes filled with stars. Use your mouse to click the monster and release it in the right direction. Don’t let the monster get caught by the obstacles or else you will lose a life. Collecting as many stars as possible gets you bonus points. Use them wisely or You’ll be back for more! Good luck and have fun playing Monster Clicker.


How to play Monster Clicker

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