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Monopoly Clicker

The game is similar to clicker training games but with a twist. You don’t just click the mouse to train your dog how to do tricks; You click the right mouse button to train your dog to behave in an incremental way, by clicking once and then again after a given period of time has passed. This app allows you to teach your dog incremental skills using the clicker as a reward. When you first start playing the game, both of you will need to learn how much time is enough for your training sessions. Once you have that down, the incremental sessions are fun and

This is a game where you clickers try to get as many clicks as possible in order to upgrade your business. You can earn money by playing the game or you can use that money to buy new clicker, upgrades and ads. The more clicks you get, the higher your position in the game and the more money you can spend on upgrading your business. Try it now:

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