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Idle House Build

You might remember a couple of years back when we were all so excited about the Idle Clicker games on Steam. It seems like everyone’s jumping into the genre again, and as there are no shortage of idle clicker games on the market already, we thought we would do a quick rundown of the best ones to get you

“It’s a quiet night in the idle house…” This is the moment you have been waiting for. You are going to build your dream home. But not just any home, build the perfect home. The Idle House Build 2018 is here! Don’t be left in the cold, come on over and share your build with other

An idle house is a house that you build that won’t actually be occupied. Well, at least not until you spend some time on it and make it a home. You may think you wouldn’t find anybody to live in your house but wait till you see these 6 reasons why an idle house would be perfect for

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