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Halloween Monster Clicker

Halloween Monster Clicker is a new version of the classic arcade game “Monster Clicker”. It’s the perfect combination of casual gameplay and hardcore online play. You are a monster hunter, who has to go on an epic quest to collect all the very best Halloween monsters. Discover each monster’s unique attributes, learn their attacks, and drop them into your “ This game ” game world to fight against other players. The higher levels will help you gather more powerful monsters, while the lower levels will make it easier for other players to catch you. If you like playing arcade games with low-level mechanics but with challenging action and graphics that will keep you playing for hours on end, then this is the game for you! Use your mouse to control your hero. Don’t let other players catch you or they will be able to farm all your monster essence! +++ Hypercasual Play +++ - No in-app purchase or time limits - Easy controls and simple graphics - Simple & fast gameplay - Keeps you engaged even when not interested in playing multiplayer mode.

Scary monsters are running amok in the Candy Kingdom! Are you ready to take on this amazing game, hypercasual, spooky, Halloween, arcade, hypercasual, addictive, adventure, casual? Battle all the scary monsters at Candy Castle and get more candy than you can handle! When you start playing this game for free it’s not very scary but as you play for more fun features are into this amazing spider game that is filled with fun and mystery! If you love spiders then you’ll love this game because it's so much fun. You can even win a cool prize if you complete a level within a short time limit. The secret to playing this game is to keep switching between different views while playing. It will keep your adrenaline pumping and your fingers tapping.


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Using Mouse

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