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Halloween Clicker Puzzle

The Witches are at it again! Trick-or-Treaters are coming to a house near you. You need to protect your kingdom from these pesky trick-or-treaters by locking them in their own houses before they can reach yours. Luckily, the Witches have left their house unlocked and empty, perfect for you to lock all those intruders in. But be careful, as some of the Trick-or-Treaters may bring tricks instead of Treats. If they get past your defenses and into your kingdom, what will happen? Can you keep them out forever? Or will they break in eventually? Halloween Clicker is a casual game that combines the addictive nature of a Puzzle Game with the calming effect of a Clicker Game. It is also an example of a Hypercasual Game with its simple gameplay that anyone can play and its quick time limit. The goal is simple: Protect your kingdom from Trick or Treaters by locking them in their houses before they can get inside yours. Unlock locked doors by clicking on them once after having clicked on any door twice and then lock all doors again by clicking on them once after having clicked on any door twice. When all doors are locked or all doors are opened, end your turn and move to the next round.

Halloween Clicker is a fun and casual puzzle game for kids and adults of all ages. The objective is to help the witch feed her cauldron and gain power in preparation for Halloween. Use your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen device to play this game. Collect special items that will help you unlock more achievements. You can also earn gold coins by completing optional objectives at each level. Spend gold coins on unlockables such as new outfits, additional power-ups, new locations, etc… or sell them back to the general store if you don’t need them anymore. There are no in-app purchases or advertising in this game.

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