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Fantasy Idle Tycoon

Do you love idle games? Do you like creating and running idle businesses? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, this is the game for you! The Fantasy Idle Tycoon has everything you need to make an online business out of playing video games. The game itself is a fantasy idle business simulator. You create an idle business as a virtual company and run it as a side-hustle or hobby. Each game offers different opportunities and features that can help grow your business and make money from it. But most importantly, it’s about having fun doing what you love! So grab your joystick,select your favorite gaming console, and get ready to have some

The Fantasy Idle Tycoon is a clicker incremental game which makes you the ruler of your own idle business. You build, manage and expand your idle empire from a lone tavern to an idle kingdom. It's all about managing resources wisely and growing your empire. The Business side of Idle tycoon is challenging, fun and addictive! Build new taverns, sell drinks and increase your bar value by selling more than one item at once. Try not to get greedy or you will run out of beer and have to start brewing again. Build the most successful tavern in town and become the richest, fastest-growing idle business in

Build your own idle game empire and dominate the online gaming world!You can create a business empire,play games, or build a franchise. Choose from thousands of free biddable game assets to create your imaginary empire. Make tons of money and retire early by playing idle games. Get rich by playing idle games! Fantasy Idle Tycoon is the best fantasy idle game ever created. It's also one of the most successful - we’ve had over 10 million players since

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