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Cookie Clicker Climate Change

It's been a rough year for the Cookie Kingdom. The ice cream smog is hovering over the kingdom like a blanket of smelly clouds, bringing with it an unholy stench and sinister misfortune. The seas are freezing over, so much that even frosty penguins are feeling the chill. Cookie traders have seen their profits shrink to almost nothing, and some shops have even shut down. The fate of our realm depends on you! Go on an epic journey to discover the hidden secrets of our climate and find a cure for this awful Smog before it destroys us all. 

Cookie Clicker is a game about managing your cookie empire. You start off with one oven and one batch of cookies, and you must discover efficient management techniques to expand your business and increase the quality of your cookies. Along the way, you’ll come across new technologies that either help you expand your business or offer new ways to make lower-quality cookies in order to feed more customers with less capital. You can expect 25+ achievements, dozens of enemies, bosses, items, and upgrades as you progress through increasingly difficult.

There's no doubt that Cookies are the currency of COOKIE Clicker. But with Climate Change, it might not be as easy as just clicking and harvesting to earn money. The effects of Climate Change make it harder for you to harvest cookies, especially at higher levels in your village. In this article, we'll discuss what is Climate Change, its effects of it on your gameplay, and some ways you can counter attack.

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