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Candy Clicker 2

Make your cursor click in order to get Candy! Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not as simple as you think. There are so many different types of Candy Chests that can be found in the game and they all have their own special way of computing how many clicks you need to perform a specific action. To make things easier, I’ve created this Tutorial that covers everything you need to know about Candy Clicker 2 and how to get started playing. Let’s get

Do you like to click ? If so then this is the game for you! Candy Clicker 2 is a fun, addictive and challenging game that will keep you clicking for more. You may think clicking pictures of sweets is easy but there’s quite a lot of clicks in … Continue reading → Share this: Twitter Facebook

Hello! My name is Candy Clicker, and my favorite thing to do is click. I like clicking a lot. I like clickingiggiloveclickerlikesclickinga lot too. Let’s play Candy Clicker together and help me collect as many candyflosses as

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