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Cube Escape is a logic puzzle game developed by SCRAP Studios. At each level, you will be shown anagrams of various objects. You need to deduce the missing object. If you solve the level in 75 seconds or fewer, you will earn one star, two stars – in two minutes, three stars – in three minutes, and four stars – in four minutes. The more stars you get on a level, the harder it will be. Cube Escape: VR Panic is a sequel to Cube Escape: Birthday Adventure which was released in June 2016 for Android and iOS devices. The player again assumes the role of the trapped boy from the last game who has to escape from his room before time runs out again. The gameplay remains mostly similar with some small differences such as new items and rooms added every time you play this game.

3D clicks the cube to the left or right. You can also use your device’s gyroscope to rotate the grid faster. Once you have aligned the cubes, you will see a green outline of where they are supposed to go. Place your fingers on the screen and flick upwards towards you. Your game grid should click into place with a satisfying click! It is that simple! In this guide, we will show you how to click 3d cubes in your Android games. 

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